Kira Charles
The Center for Movement and Potential
Moving toward your fullest potential
Everyone develops habits of movement.  If the movements are adequate for daily life, the patterns remain unnoticed.  
But if the patterns are not adequate or if you are stressed through illness, injury or age, you may become stiff and uncomfortable, hold tensions or experience pain.

The FELDENKRAIS METHOD helps you to unlearn movement habits that are no longer useful.  You effortlessly acquire new, better habits that help you to move more freely and restore your body’s optimum comfort and function.  As you develop efficient ways of moving, stress is reduced, your posture and breathing improve, stiffness and pain drop away and the movements you do every day become easy and enjoyable.

Listening to your body can free its potential.  Try the FELDENKRAIS METHOD and you will experience new flexibility, agility, freedom from pain and increased ability to move.

With the FELDENKRAIS METHOD you can:

Work pain-free at the computer

Move with efficiency and ease

Regain mobility after accidents or illness
Reduce chronic pain

Improve and maintain posture

Prevent repetitive stress injuries
Reduce tension and

Enjoy sports with less effort and fewer injuries

Remain active no matter what your age