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The Child'Space Method®

The CHILD"SPACE METHOD takes its name from an approach to interacting that respects a child's space, as a child is exploring on his or her own, and helps parents adapt to their child's pace and temperament.

Rooted in the theories of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, The Child'Space Method is the application of Feldenkrais principles to the process that each child goes through in learning fundamental movements such as rolling, crawling and walking. I teach parents hand-on techniques for supporting their baby's development and for feeling even more in-tune with their child. These hands-on skills increase a baby's physical awareness (proprioception), stimulating the early brain-mapping that is the foundation for motor, psychological, social and cognitive learning. They help parents to find new confidence; learn new techniques for awareness, communication, bonding and soothing; develop tummy-time solutions and learn what they can do to address delays or other concerns.

I work with both special needs and normally developing babies and offer both group and individual sessions.