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The Feldenkrais Method® of Somatic Education

Moving toward your fullest potential


Everyone develops habits of movement. If the movements are adequate for daily life, the patterns remain unnoticed. But if the patterns are not adequate or if you are stressed through illness, injury or age, you may become stiff and uncomfortable, hold tensions or experience pain.

The Feldenkrais Method helps you to unlearn movement habits that are no longer useful. You effortlessly acquire new, better habits that help you to move more freely and restore your body’s optimum comfort and function. As you develop efficient ways of moving, stress is reduced, your posture and breathing improve, stiffness and pain drop away and the movements you do every day become easy and enjoyable.

Listening to your body can free its potential. Try the Feldenkrais Method and you will experience new flexibility, agility, freedom from pain and ability to move.

Awareness Through Movement® Lessons
In Awareness Through Movement or ATM® group classes, the practitioner guides groups of students through movement sequences that help them learn to move their bodies more intelligently. Each student is involved in a personal process of discovery where old habits can easily be replaced with new skills, and a new sense of awareness.

All movements, large or small, are done in a pleasant exploratory way so you can find how to unlock your own best self-use in class and in life. You are not required to perform a movement the “right” way. In fact, rather than having you imitate the instructor’s movements, the instruction is given verbally, without demonstration, so you can discover the way that you do the movement. Throughout the lesson, the teacher directs your attention to particular things you will feel as you move, such as the effort you are using, the path of the movement, and where you feel the movement happening. Your sensations are actually more important for enhancing how you move than the movements themselves.

At the end of the lessons, students tend to feel differences such a lightness or heaviness, a sense of grounding and greater range of movement. They are generally more relaxed.

There are over a thousand Awareness Through Movement lessons, varying in difficulty, complexity, position and focus. They explore all aspects of human function and all levels of movement ability.

Functional Integration® Lessons
Functional Integration or FI® private lessons generally use exploratory movement and the practitioner’s subtle touch rather than words to teach the student, although the practitioner may also ask questions or offer some verbal instruction/observation. The emphasis is on discovering the student’s personal patterns or habits of movement and introducing new ways of moving that are easier, more expanded, more comfortable and more efficient. The practitioner is looking at the whole person in movement. FI offers the ability to make profound differences and can change the quality of a person’s life. Each lesson is designed to meet the individual needs of the student and is custom-tailored to the patient's unique organization at that particular moment. Each lesson is also related to a desire, intention or need the patient has. My goal is to create an environment in which the patient can learn comfortably. You remain fully clothed.

"Kira is an incredible teacher.  Her classes are so effective on our bodies and minds, that I work my schedule around her class." - Paola Franchi, language teacher